We are Imprimus - Customer Communication Solutions

Enhance Customer Loyalty

Increase Sales

Better Efficiency


The name “Imprimus” might be new, but our company is anything but. We’ve been helping the UK’s most trusted brands get more from their customer communications since 1988.

That might mean improving the look, reliability or cost of transactional and operational letters. Making direct mail more effective. Or, more recently, joining paper and digital communications – so customers can choose between letters, email and SMS.

It’s likely we can save you money – but we offer more than that. We’ll work alongside you as a partner, and make it easy to make good, informed decisions, fast.




We want to get your communications to market quicker, control risk, and make your customers happier and more engaged. 

Most importantly, you can absolutely trust us to do the job right. Every day, we handle sensitive data, send important letters and print cheques for household names in tightly regulated sectors like finance, utilities, insurance and health. All those ISO certifications aren’t just for show.

For decades, we’ve helped companies who care about customer engagement to overcome their communications challenges… and we’d love to hear about yours.

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