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How businesses based in Devon could potentially save 60% on their mailing costs


Are you a business in Devon that likes the sound of potentially saving 60% of your printing costs?


If you own a business in Devon and send mail, whether through invoices, promotions or general customer communications, you’ll know that the costs can soon stack up. But what if there were a locally based service that could potentially save you 60% of that cost?

The Hybrid Mail system from Imprimus, based in the southwest, could be the answer to your mailing needs; quick, cost effective and proven to work no matter how many items you’re sending, many businesses across Devon are now turning to this easy and efficient system.


How does it work?


The beauty of Hybrid Mail is that it’s quick and easy to use; no more stuffing envelopes, overworked printers or disruption to office time. The system outsources all of the hassle usually associated with sending mail and lets you get on with the key job of delivering your customers with a great service.

When the time comes to send a mailing you simply upload your document to your computer, select your data and click ‘send to print’. The only difference is that you’ll be sending it to the experienced team at Imprimus, rather than the printer next to your desk.


  • No more waiting while the invoices are printed.
  • No more running out of paper.
  • No more franking machines.
  • Just simple, quick and easy sending, at a fraction of the cost!


Worried about your data?


If you work with Imprimus you’ll be partnering with one of the most experienced and trusted customer communications companies around. They’ve worked with businesses of all sizes, and some of the largest brands in the country.

They’ve trusted Imprimus to ensure their clients get their mail on time and securely since 1988, and you can too.


What are the benefits


Wondering if the move is worth it? Here’s just a few of the benefits businesses are enjoying when they make the switch to Hybrid Mail:


  • Cost savings – It’s estimated that the Hybrid Mail system can save businesses up to 60% on their current mailing costs; that’s achieved through savings on print and postage overheads and even the cost of envelopes and stamps or franking.

  • Time savings – Your savings aren’t just kept to your consumables; you’ll also save on the physical time it currently takes your staff to complete mailings.

  • Simple to use – Upheaval or change to current and established processes can sometimes be a worry. With Hybrid Mail, you should see no disruption to your current operations and no need for training – it really is that simple!

  • Lower carbon footprint – We live in a beautiful part of the country, and we want to keep it that way. More and more local businesses are becoming committed to lowering their carbon footprint and hybrid mail is helping them to achieve that goal. 


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