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Digital eArchiving for customer communications


Storing your documents digitally doesn’t just free up space and resources. It gives you the power to serve your customers better.



See all the documents you need – instantly – from anywhere

  • Let contact centre staff access the actual documents, fast
  • Secure document delivery for SMS and email customers
  • Integrates seamlessly with Oracle, SAP and other systems
  • Tamper-proof records, organised and ready for audit

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Case Study 

Strict demands made for one of the UK's leading financial services providers >> Read Here 

Trusted eArchiving, giving you a single
view of each customer’s communications


For many organisations, eArchiving is an administrative tool – storing the required seven years of history in an accessible, tamper-proof way, without filling entire basements with paper. But it can be so much more.

Done well, your eArchive can unlock brilliant, seamless customer service – where your contact centre agent can have helpful conversations because they’re looking at a PDF of the actual document your customer has received or sent, not a line in a database.

And because the document is stored online, you can send your customer a secure link by email or SMS – directing them to confidential information without the worry of sending it out.


Access anywhere

Web-based access to a secure server means staff with the right access credentials can gain a single view of your customer, wherever they sit within your organisation.

Proven track record

We’ve been working closely alongside our eArchiving partner for years – refining our processes on behalf of some of the UK’s most trusted brands.

Secure delivery

Instead of the worry of sending out confidential documents digitally, send a secure link to the right location your eArchive, where you can keep the information safe.

Seamless service

Service conversations take on a whole new dimension, as the customer and the agent can both see the actual document. Often, the letter is online before the customer has even received it.

Integrate easily

Our archive system will integrate with your enterprise system – like Oracle or SAP – or you can upload and update records on our system as you go. Whatever helps to give you a seamless service.


Used correctly, your eArchive is a powerful customer service tool. We’d love to give you the benefit of our experience. 

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