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Transactional email & SMS: integrate digital & physical mail

Sometimes your customers want letters; sometimes they don’t. We’ll help you communicate in the way they prefer, with all the attention to detail of traditional, transactional mailing.


Improve customer satisfaction (and save money, too)

  • Secure and proven system for transactional and regulated mail
  • Three channels from one set of data; make changes once
  • Fast, integrated fallback response for digital bouncebacks
  • Increase response rates by giving customers more control

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Case Study 

Strict demands made for one of the UK's leading financial services providers >> Read Here 

Deliver transactional email the way your
customers want. Securely.

Transactional email and SMS needs every bit as much thought, security and attention to detail as traditional, transactional mail. More, if anything. So we’ll take the time to subject your digital mailing to the same rigorous standards we apply to your letters – and give you just as much detail in the management information reports.

Meanwhile, bringing the three channels together lets you apply the same rules for composition and tone, make any changes once, and have fallback rules standing.




Listen to your customers’ own communication preferences. They’ll be happier, and you’ll benefit from better engagement with your communications. We can even help you to ask them, by SMS.


As well as giving better response rates (if they’re done well), digital communications are obviously far cheaper to send than physical post.


We’re ISO27001 certified for Information Security Management – and that applies every bit as much to digital mail. Your customers’ private details are safe with us.


Each channel works from the same mailing data file – so you can use letters, email and SMS in harmony, make any changes once, and set fallback preferences for email bounces and goneaways.


We’ve built our business by helping trusted household names in competitive and highly regulated markets to communicate with customers. Our digital services are every bit as dependable as our letters.


Use digital and physical mailing together. It’s good for your customers, and for you… and with the right experience, it’s easier than you’d think. 

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