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Personalised colour booklets
and tailored reports


Sending each customer a personalised book – full of individual, colour content just for them – has real impact. But really, it’s no more complicated than sending them a letter.


Show people they’re valued, and get complicated points across

  • Tailor full-colour content, images and data for each individual customer
  • Ideal for stock performance reports and employee engagement
  • Insert personalised, colour charts straight from your data table
  • Every aspect covered by our integrity and verification checks

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Case Study 

Strict demands made for one of the UK's leading financial services providers >> Read Here 

Personalised books and reports –
with security for sensitive information


Where organisations need to send important, personalised information to a valued customer or employee, we help them put it into a bespoke, colour booklet format.

The resulting booklet – with tailored content in full, vibrant colour – increases engagement, and also shows the recipient how important they are. The process is covered by the same integrity and verification checks we use for our customers’ legally regulated transactional mail – so every aspect is exactly right.

It’s a perfect way to present stock performance reviews and employee remuneration or pension details – because our ISO27001 data security measures mean private information stays private.


Tailored content

Everything can be bespoke – not just text, but images, cover, illustrations – based on your data file. We can use your data to create and insert custom, full colour graphs and charts.

Choice of formats

We’ll work alongside you to define the booklet’s size, cover material and other key aspects to make the design exactly as your reader would expect.

Data security

Every day, we handle sensitive, personal information for trusted household names, in some of the UK’s most tightly regulated sectors. Information security is second nature.

Attention to detail

Each booklet will be subjected to our integrity and verification processes – ensuring we get every aspect exactly right – before it’s sent.


If you can send a letter, we can help you turn your report mailings into visually striking booklets that your customers both internal and external – will love. 

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