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More efficient card production for Avis Budget EMEA

More secure, more efficient production, better end products and a more flexible
manufacturing process. This was the outcome when Avis Budget EMEA let Imprimus
take care of their card production.

The company

Avis is one of the world’s best-known car rental brands with approximately 5,200 locations in more than 165 countries, and Budget, with more than 3,000 locations in more than 120 countries, is an industry leader in providing vehicle rental services to value-conscious travellers.

Avis Budget EMEA is one of the three operating regions of Avis Budget Group. Based in Bracknell, England, Avis Budget EMEA operates the Avis Car Rental and Budget Car Rental brands in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

The Challenge

Avis Budget EMEA strives to be a highly cost-effective and efficient organisation to maintain its strong marketplace position by using industry best practices across all areas of their business.

The Head of Performance Excellence highlights three areas of focus:

  • Better data quality to reach new customer groups on our newly designed invoices through transpromo for existing and new customers.
  • Partnering with an innovative market leader in document output solutions so that we can have access to the latest technology and expert advice to keep us continually improving what we do and how we do it
  • A clear loyalty programme for all brand-loyal customers.

“This, combined with marketing our other brand, Budget, is what we’re working on right now.”

The Solution

When Avis Budget EMEA were looking for a new supplier to support their move to full-colour document production, they got in touch with Imprimus.

“We wanted to build upon the ongoing work we undertook several years ago to drive our customer facing document output to a place where we could develop, implement and deliver a high-quality transpromo programme via our critical print applications.

Our challenge was to find a company that could produce high volumes of high quality, full-colour print output and Imprimus’ presented a very strong solution,” says The Head of performance Excellence.

At present, all Avis Budget EMEA transactional documents, i.e. invoices, statements of account and other regular communications, are being produced via full-colour print technology at Imprimus’ facility in the UK.

The Result

Avis Budget EMEA transferred its current ‘UK’ solution for transactional print and mail production to a de-centralised solution with production being carried out in the UK.
“The move meant a lot to us. Production is both more secure and more process/cost-efficient. At the same time, we have achieved higher quality of output and greater production flexibility. “Imprimus has a strong equipment infrastructure and good people,” says The Head of performance Excellence.

It also allowed for greater flexibility to meet the changing demands of our business. For example, last October, we had a change of ownership which led to a full-scale rebranding exercise. Had we not been on a full-colour print and white paper solution, we would have had to discard and reorder lots of pre-printed stationery.

Instead, this was handled quickly and efficiently with an image change, saving the company additional costs and time.

By selecting Imprimus to manage their card production, Avis Budget EMEA was been able to introduce an automated solution that eliminated the risks associated with manual card fulfilment solutions.

“Having already moved the transactional print work to Imprimus, when the opportunity arrived to do something different with our card production, we switched to a full-colour print and white paper solution which enabled us to be more personal with our messaging and special offers,” explains The Head of performance Excellence.

The future

“We know who our customers are, but we would like to know even more. For example, which customers enjoy reading, skiing, etc.? The more we know, the more targeted our communications can be,”
Avis Budget EMEA also wants to develop upon their existing card programme and is looking into new technology to learn even more about its customers.

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