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If you’re thinking about outsourcing your print room for the first time, it’s important to get your company ready – in some cases, even before the tender process begins. Here are our tips to help you get your preparation right, and enjoy a hugely successful outsourcing process. 



Tip: Start with what you stand to save

Saving the company money is a goal everyone can get behind, so a reasonable ballpark figure is a good place to start the conversation.

When it comes to outsourcing mail, savings of up to 50-60% are not unheard of, but that’s only the start. Your calculations might also include:


-          Printing Equipment

Kiss goodbye to lease, maintenance and replacement costs.


-          Floor Personnel

Depending on your priorities, you could bank the saving, or redeploy.


-          Outbound Mail Costs and Consumables

Paper, toner, postage, fulfilment. Think of all the invoices you won’t miss.


-          Software and Upgrades

Keeping pace is costly, imagine losing those annual license fees.


-          Recruitment and Training

Life without a constant turnover of mailroom temps has its advantages.



Tip: Look beyond a like-for-like replacement

It’s understandable that many first-time outsourcers go to tender for a like-for-like replacement for their current processes, as that’s what they’re familiar with.

But outsourcing is an opportunity to explore potential improvements to your print and mail output. With the right partner, you could make some very positive changes – for example:


-          Swap pre-printed for white paper

With pre-printed letterheads and leaflet stock, making last-minute changes and bespoke content is nigh-on impossible – or at least extremely costly. With white paper, you can have the same quality, but change design and content on an order-by-order (even letter-by-letter) basis, in real time.


-          Digital and print, together

Save money and give your customers more control over how they engage with your service with seamless mail, email and SMS communications. You could even request a digital mailroom service for on-demand access to all your communications; whenever, wherever.


-          Improve template change management

Could your letter texts be handled better? Do you have to demand multiple sign-offs for just a small amendment? Separate your templates, simplify the process and deploy new texts faster than ever before with a more efficient, granular approach.



Tip: Plan ahead to make the most of the space

It’s a factor many outsources seem to forget, but ditching in-house print means a whole lot of new office space to play with.

Just think, all that room currently occupied by printers, consumables, pre-printed stock, fulfilment and outgoing post storage… suddenly free.

It’s not uncommon for clients to leave the space open for organisational growth – safe in the knowledge the room is there when they need it – but others are quicker to use the space, outsourcing print to make way for a new sales floor, or an office sub-let for additional income.

It’s your choice, but the sooner you consider your options, the better prepared you’ll be when the space becomes available.



Tip: Expect some common concerns

Outsourcing is a significant change, and it’s only natural that some will find the prospect uncomfortable. Things might feel a little ‘off’ at first, especially among former print room staff, so don’t brush off stakeholders’ concerns – the right outcome is good for everyone.

From our experience, the most common questions tend to include:


-          Will I lose my job?

The big one. If you want to maximise cost savings, it might mean reducing head count, while managers who formerly oversaw the print and mail will also wonder about their ongoing responsibilities. You might consider redeployment for some staff – while those who manage the new print contract, might consider it a step up.


-          What about data security?

A valid point, and one you can’t afford to ignore. When selecting a new print and mail partner, always look for ISO 27001, as well as a strong track record of handling sensitive information. But choose wisely, and there’s even a chance your data security may improve.


-          But what’s wrong with our current setup?

It’s a good point – what is wrong with your existing print and mail solutions? Take a step back and think why outsourcing is a consideration to begin with. Do you need more capacity to meet demand? Is your disaster recovery lacking? Are turnaround speeds not what they used to be? Often, it’s not all about cutting costs.


-     -    If we outsource, how do we know they’ll deliver the goods?

Talk this through with your outsource partner as early as possible. Be unequivocally clear about the quality you expect them to deliver, and the reporting and management information processes. Take the opportunity to inspect their facilities, and ask about mail tracking and integrity processes.




Author: John Chapple 


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Date: 15th May 2017 

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