Imprimus and Vital Communications join forces



Imprimus and Vital Communications join forces to expand offerings and extend market reach


Partnership between communications solutions firms will support business growth and give customers access to a broader range of services.


Two UK-based communications solutions companies announced today they are creating a new partnership to explore opportunities to expand the services they offer their customers.


Customer communications experts Imprimus and Vital Communications, an Office Depot company specialising in managed communications, were both recently acquired by AURELIUS, a German investment firm. AURELIUS identified clear opportunities to combine the two companies’ strengths and help them grow faster by creating more value for customers.


Vital offers end-to-end managed communications services, orchestrating large-scale marketing and communications projects for household-name brands, supported by Office Depot’s time-critical delivery capability. Imprimus complements these offerings by providing high-quality printing and critical communication solutions, with expertise in handling sensitive customer data for leading brands in highly regulated industries, such as finance, utilities, insurance and health.


“This exciting new partnership creates huge opportunities, both for the Imprimus and Vital businesses as well as for our customers,” said Tony Plummer, Managing Director at Imprimus. “It will give our customers new ways to enhance their communications and reduce costs, and it’s a real signal that AURELIUS is committed to accelerating the growth of both companies.”


“We’re thrilled to announce this partnership today and we look forward to working closely with Imprimus to help our customers get even more business value from their communications,” said Mark Gair, Director Managed Communications at Vital Communications. “By combining our expertise, both companies will be also able to increase market share and drive rapid, sustainable business growth.”


More detailed announcements about the company's new, combined capabilities will be issued soon.




About Imprimus

Imprimus has been helping the UK’s most trusted brands get more from their customer communications since 1988.


From letters and direct mail to combined paper and digital communications, Imprimus works alongside its customers to help them make informed communications decisions that reduce mailing costs, eliminate risks and increase engagement.




Vital Communications is an established, expert managed communications business, backed by the world-leading logistics capability of Office Depot.


Vital helps its customers manage their print and marketing communications activities providing services which include creative, procurement, planning to execution and delivery in a single cost-effective, end-to-end service – efficiently, transparently and with integrity.





AURELIUS Group is a pan-European asset manager with offices in Munich, London, Stockholm, and Madrid. Over the last ten years, AURELIUS has grown from a local turnaround investor to an international multi-asset manager investing in a wide range of sectors and across the capital structure.


AURELIUS is focused on identifying investment opportunities to expand the Group’s activities.



Author:  John Chapple 


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