Imprimus launches new service for Cornwall

Imprimus launches new service

Mailing provider Imprimus has launched a new service with the aim to help Cornish businesses reduce their mailing costs and carbon footprint. The Redruth-based company has developed a Hybrid Mail offer which promises to be a quick and cost effective solution, proven to work no matter how many items are being sent.

Once installed onto a computer, users are given the option to print their documents and files through the facilities at Imprimus with a single click, outsourcing all of the costs and hassle normally associated with marketing or transactional mailings. 

Aside from the internal resource and saving of time, UK based businesses are already adopting this growing service and have seen savings of up to 60% on the cost of their print and postage overheads.

John Chapple, marketing manager at Imprimus, said: “As one of the most experienced and trusted customer communications companies in the UK, we are confident our Hybrid Mail solution will benefit many Cornish businesses.

We know that local business owners can become concerned by the increasing costs of mailing out invoices and other communications. Therefore, we have developed a solution which is the complete package to reduce outgoing expenses, maintain security and increase efficiency in the workplace.”


Key Features;

  • Instant financial & operational savings (up to 60%) 
  • Reduce your companies carbon footprint 
  • Reduced time physically printing and mailing your documents
  • A safe, secure and compliant mailing platform
  • Ensure brand consistency 
  • Remove all elements of pre-paid envelopes and franking machines 


For more information on our Hybrid Mail Service or contact us for your free demonstration. 

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